Pesticide Program

UAC programs are created and designed to bring Growers into compliance with the California Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR). We understand the needs to properly train and prepare employees in their work environment to ensure they are trained and safe. Proper training, compliance and consultation reduces workplace injuries, your operational cost, worker compensation claims, and insurance premiums. Our programs will ensure your employees are trained properly in the everchanging world we live in.

Proven Compliance Solutions for Food and Worker Safety.

Services offered by UAC’s Pesticide Program

UAC / DPR Programs

  • Evaluation, assessment, and improvement of Grower’s current safety plan, and/or implementation of a new safety plan including the creation of a written training program with verbal training sessions in both or either Spanish and English.
  • Assistance, preparation, documentation, and consultation during third party inspections.
  • All DPR mandated grower files updated including employee training, application specific information, notification records, monitoring of inspection records, and respirator fitting and testing.
  • Observing pesticide application, standards and safety equipment to reduce failures, and/or offer corrective suggestions or plans.
  • Safety and lIPP binders with required DPR and Cal-Osha documentation and implementation in Spanish and English.
  • On-Site routine monitoring for grower and grower’s facilities compliance adherence.

“Patty and her team are very professional in their approach to providing excellent service to our organization. The knowledge of the regulatory system that we must navigate in the State of California is made easier with Universal Ag Compliance and Patty’s ability to handle any situation.”

“The Universal Ag team takes care of all of my compliance needs from the farm, through the packing process and storage, to shipping. I take comfort in knowing they have me covered.”

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