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Navigating through the complex landscape of federal, state and local farming laws, California farmers face the most stringent regulatory environment in the world. The constant flow of changing regulations has become a major challenge for most farms, packing sheds, and other farming entities to interpret, implement and monitor. The long-term viability of our farms in California depends on proper compliance education and support. Universal Ag Compliance (UAC) can provide the necessary tools and assistance to help reduce your regulatory burdens. We carry all the credentials, experience and expertise to develop your operations specific safety program when it comes to Cal-OSHA, DPR, Food Safety and Worker Safety regulations. Our UAC Team can provide all the necessary training to ensure that your employees are equipped to work as safely as possible, and that your operations program is compliant and remains current at all times. Universal Ag Compliance is ready to work with you, so give us a call today for Proven Compliance Solutions for Food and Worker Safety.


What We Do


Safety and lIPP binders with required DPR and Cal-Osha documentation and implementation in Spanish and English.


All DPR mandated grower files updated including employee training, application specific information, notification records, monitoring of inspection records, and respirator fitting and testing.


Assessment and improvement of Grower’s current safety plan, and/or implementation of a new safety plan including the creation of a written training program with verbal training sessions in both or either Spanish and English.


On-Site routine monitoring for grower and grower’s facilities compliance adherence.


Observing pesticide application, standards and safety equipment to reduce failures, and/or offer corrective suggestions or plans.


Preparation, documentation, and consultation during third party inspections.

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